CDE – Gold n gold – Feb 2015

Gold n gold:- A Restorative Extravaganza, three day workshop was conducted by Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, IGIDS from 20th to 22nd Feburary, 2015. 130 registered delegates consisting of Postgraduates and faculties from Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu attended the program. All delegates were given unique and indigenous handmade gifts along with all the video procedures in pen drive.

Day 1: 20th Feb, 2015 The programme started with inauguration ceremony at 9.00 am. Prof. R.Sathyanarayanan welcomed the gathering; Prof. Carounanidy Usha honored the dignitaries- Prof. Lakshminaryanan, Honourable secretary, IACDE, Prof. K R Seethuraman, Vice chancellor, SBV, Prof Kandaswamy D, Dean, SRMC. Honourable Vice chancellor, Prof. K.R.Seethuraman presided over the function and delivered the presidential address. Prof Kandaswany D felicitated the gathering. Prof. Lakshminarayanan inaugurated the event by opening the unique treasure box containing indigenous instruments for gold foil restorations fabricated by Prof. R.Sathyanarayanan. He handed over the first fabricated electro-mallet in India by Prof.R.Sathyanarayanan for starting the first workshop in gold foil restorations. He gave the inaugural address and emphasized the relevance of gold in current scenario. Dr.Bindhu delivered the vote of thanks and the inauguration was ended with college anthem. After tea break, the scientific session started and the Speakers Prof. Kandaswamy, Prof. Carounanidy Usha and Prof. Sathyanarayanan R delivered the scientific deliberations. Post lunch session was covered with live demonstration of complete cast inlay steps by R.Sathyanarayanan. The day program came to end with tea and snacks.

Day 2: 21st Feb, 2015 First guest lecture started by Prof. A.P.Tikku, Dean, KGMCU, Lucknow on gold foil techniques. Tea and snacks were served and the second lecture and demonstration of gold foil instruments was done by Sathyanarayanan R. Lunch was served and post lunch live demo on goil foil restoration was done with surgical operating microscope. The program ended at 5,00 pm and closing remarks was given by the principal Carounanidy usha.

Day 3: 22nd Feb 2015 Ten registered participants were trained in direct foil restorations by Prof. Sathyanarayanan R. Ten work stations with all necessary instruments and equipments was arranged in the conference hall. Ten assistants were assigned for the participants and the hand on program was started. Lunch was served after completion of hand on program. All participants were given certificates and Precious gold foil as registration gifts.