Rajkumar. E

After graduating from KCDS,Bangalore. I began my internship and discovered a passion for the dental profession. I enjoy science and love the medicine side of the profession but I also enjoy the artistic side. Therefore, I was strongly attracted by the way in which dentistry combines opportunities for exercising artistic skills and talents together with medical knowledge and know-how.

I bought my dental practice about fifteen years ago and grew it into a successful business. It was a little scary at first; the economy was slumping and we didn’t know how fast we could grow. But I worked hard and it had grown large enough to make possible a life-long dream by moving the practice into a new state-of-theart spa-like facility.

Patient safety is our #1 priority, such as compliance issues, infection control techniques, and disaster survival. We actually have two top-of-the-line Autoclave equipment sterilizers. Our dental equipment is state-of-the-art and ergonomically designed for the comfort of both patients and operators. We use low-power digital x-rays to cut down on exposure to radiation provides visual perspectives of an implant target area from every angle, permitting more precise planning for implants than could be achieved by a dozen standard x-rays. Besides all that, we ensure the comfort of our patients and even offer a secluded room for those who wish privacy.

I had done my MDS in the dept. of PROSTHODONTICS,CRPWN&BRIDGE in RAGAS,Chennai.Idid PG Diploma on IMPLANTOLOGY in NOBLE BIO-CARE(2011). And also  attended workshop on IMPLANT Conducted by university of MANNITOBA, Canada(2012). I am a detail-oriented person to such an extents. However, dentists at the top of our profession tend to be obsessive-compulsive because excellence in dentistry requires compulsive attention to detail. For example, a crown requires both science and art to be brought to bear within the confining and hostile environment of a person’s mouth. Each step of the process calls for precision and accuracy, demanding careful preparation and implementation, plus an artist’s eye for aesthetics. I double-check and even triple-check everything in order to ensure that I have performed my work to the highest-level possible.