Goals of IGIDS


  • To provide to the students a comprehensive dental curriculum that encompasses the must-know areas of knowledge, skills, and values
  • To provide to the students a curriculum that is flexible enough to incorporate the latest and modern concepts in dentistry
  • To provide a curriculum that incorporates the integration of knowledge vertically as well as horizontally
  • To train the students to evolve as generalists so as to provide basic necessary services to the patients in need
  • To impart high standard clinical proficiency to the students to practice specialty dentistry also
  • To expose the students to community-based experiences through camps, so that they are sensitized in imparting oral health and awareness among the rural population
  • To provide the platform for the continued dental education of students even after graduation
  • To foster among students creative and critical thinking by encouraging them in research and innovative projects
  • To improve the capacity of the faculty through faculty development programs in research and educational science