Oral Medicine and Radiology


Oral medicine has generally been defined as that discipline within dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and essentially non-surgical treatment of disease of the oral cavity and the oral manifestations of systemic disease.

And also it can be explained as the area of dentistry which focuses on the oral health of medically complex patients the diagnosis and the non-surgical management of medically related disorders and conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region including salivary gland disorders oral mucosal diseases and oro facial pain syndrome.

Diagnosis is defined as the recognition on of the disease naming the disease as per agreed criteria.

Radiology is branch of medical science that deals with the study of radiation and its use, radioactive substances and other forms of radiant energy in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Department Goal

Primary Diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases that do not respond to conventional dental or maxillofacial surgical procedures.

Department Objective

Diagnosis and medical management of the patient with complex medical disorders involving the oral mucosa, salivary glands, orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders.


Apart from conventional class room teaching, the department is equipped with sophisticated dental units and complete set of diagnostic kits.

The radiology has IOPA (X-ray) machine (DVX-65) and OPG machine (ASAHI-auto III E C) which fulfills the day-to-day needs of the patient.

There is also a well equipped dark room for processing of X-Ray films. The department has host of critical equipments like semi-automatic dental chairs, mouth mirrors, probes, tweezers, pulp testers, stethoscope, BP apparatus, x –ray viewer, intra oral x-ray unit – 70 KV, 8mA, high frequency, panoramic x-ray with cephalometric  and host of other requisite things.


Principles of Diagnosis

  • Practice of Oral medicine
  • Evaluation of the Dental Patient :Diagnosis & Medical Risk assessment
    • Diagnosis & Management Ulcerative, vesicular, and Bullous lesions
    • Red and white lesions of The oral mucosa
    • Pigmented lesions of the Oral Mucosa
    • Benign Tumours of the Oral Cavity
    • Oral Cancer
    • Salivary Gland Diseases
    • Orofacial Pain & Temporomandibular disorders

Principles of Medicine

  • Diseases of the Respiratory tract
  • Diseases of the Cardiovascular system
  • Diseases of the GastroIntestinal system
  • Renal disease
  • Haematologic diseases
  • Bleeding & Clotting disorders
  • Immunologic diseases
  • HIv, AIDS & Sexually Transmitted diseases
  • Transplant medicine
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Neuromascular diseases
  • Geriatrics

Maxillofacial Imaging

  • Radiation Physics, X Rays and Dosimetry
  • Radiation Biology
  • Projection Geometry, Principles of Radiographic Techniques- IntraOral and Extraoral
  • Radiographic films and Accessories
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Diagnostic Radiology and Interpretation
  • Imaging of TMJ
  • Implant Imaging
  • Diagnosis of Caries, Periodontal Infections, Cysts and Tumours, Systemic Disorders.