Oral Pathology & Microbiology


Department Goal

The goal of the department is to screen out, early diagnosis and to aid in the treatment plan of the oral cancer and precancer. Also aims at futuristic advanced research activity.

Department Objective

  1. To produce a productive, competent and compassionate Undergraduate and Post-graduate students.
  2. To attain fundamental and basic knowledge in order to apply the same in the clinical practice.
  3. To achieve the goals by making the students more competent and proficient in the field.
  4. Providing the required experience to increase the diagnostic ability and productivity.
  5. To interpret the pathologic changes microscopically and to apply the basic methods scientifically in order to improve the skills in research oriented activities.


The Department is placed on the 4th floor of the IGIDS with about 6500 sq.ft area which has a separate UG lab, Reporting room, Tumor Board Clinic, Hematology lab, PG room, HOD room, staff room, well equipped Histopathology lab, Cytology clinic, Seminar room and Library. The young, energetic team of staff members with 2 Professors, 2 Readers, 3 Senior lecturers and a Tutor are well cohesive, performing the activities well planned with prompt execution such as researches and publications. The Department has conducted a CDE program on ORAL ONKOS-2013 in the month of October and also holds a Tumor Board clinic with the responsibility of conducting regular Tumor Board meeting and door to door camps as well as screening camps in the medical college block weekly twice in order to educate and motivate, and bring the awareness among the society.


Knowledge gained by the student in the department

I BDS:Adequateknowledgeabout the development, structure and the function of the teeth, mouth and jaws and the associate structures in the normal conditions, along with their anatomical aspects and the histology of each.

II BDS: Knowledge regarding how the normal conditions vary with each disease so as to equip them with the forthcoming clinical exposure to the various oral pathological conditions.

III BDS: The students are exposed to the various oral diseases so as to acquire knowledge of identifying the various diseases and correlation with the corresponding histopathological features and to differentiate from the similarly appearing lesion in order to derive the proper treatment plan.

Post Graduates: To acquire the knowledge about various oral pathological conditions, correlate with the general/ systemic involvement if any along with the laboratory investigations involving hematology, cytology and histopathology in health and disease and correlate the same with the clinical features.

Skills achieved by the student in the department

I BDS: Acquire skills ofcarving the morphology of the tooth so as to identify the normal anatomical features of the tooth in health. They also acquire the knowledge of identifying the normal microscopic features of the tooth structures in health.

II BDS: Students are trained to grind the normal tooth as well as a diseased tooth so as to understand the technique involved in the making of a microscopic slide and then observe and relate it to the diseased condition.

III BDS: Students are exposed to various oral pathological conditions and their histopathological slides for microscopic viewing so as to identify and correlate with the condition.

Post Graduates: To acquire the skill in the methodology involving the various laboratory investigations involving hematology, cytology and histopathology in health and disease and correlate the same with the clinical features.