Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge


The department deals with restoration and replacement of lost teeth and associated structures which are lost or missing by a dental prosthesis and restore the patient’s optimal function, esthetics and comfort. The services the patients can avail, include replacement of teeth and also the related supporting oral and maxillofacial tissues by removable and fixed methods including implants. The department opened its educational facility for post graduates in the year 2012, although the inception of the institute happened in the year 2006.


To train and develop dental health professionals in the specialty of prosthodontics to global standards and to provide quality care to the patients who require prosthetic treatment.


  1. To provide fixed and removable options of replacing missing teeth and/or associated tissues with artificial substitutes to the needy patients
  2. To train undergraduate students pertaining the curriculum of the department and guide postgraduate students to excel in this specialty and develop the scientific research oriented approach in all treatment measures
  3. To provide hi standards of laboratory facility for the restoration and replacement work


UG and PG Clinic and services

The undergraduate Clinic is equipped with 34 dental chairs and the post graduate Clinic is equipped with 12 Chairs. Removable and fixed options of replacing teeth including dental implants and maxillofacial prosthodonitc procedures are carried out with the amenity of hitech laboratory providing state of art dental treatment.

Hi Tech Laboratory and Research CentreThis is an unique facility from the institute and of course a feather in the hat, which can provide in house laboratory facility for the fabrication of crowns, bridges, cast partial dentures, and other metal, metal ceramic and ceramic work. Surgical guides and splints can also be fabricated with the state of art equipments. Some of the equipments to mention are the ceramic furnaces, casting machines, pressure pot, high speed lathe with suction, pinsetter, die cutter, pressure moulding system, sandblaster, steamcleaner etc. The laboratory is also equipped with caliberation devices like maginifying work lamp and stereomicroscope to have internal quality control and also to aid in research by the post graduates and the faculty.


Under Graduation in B D S and Post Graduation in M D S [Prosthodontics]

The current Undergraduation programme can accommodate 100 students who are trained in basics of this specialty and they will be equipped with knowledge and skill though intensive training to carry out basic treatment in this specialty at the end of the course. They have first three years of preclinical training in a preclinical laboratory with centralized gas connection which caters to accommodate 119 students. The undergraduate programme has 19 subjects distributed over 4 years. Prosthodontic subjects like Dental Materials, Pre Clinical Prosthodontics and Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge are taught in the second and final year respectively. The Internship Programme of the final year equips the students to carry out simple Prosthodontics procedures on their own.

The Masters programme M D S in Prosthodontics has an admission of three per year. All the post graduates are trained by professors and senior teachers and are guided and taught to perform specialized procedures in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics and Implant Prosthodontics apart from conventional removable and fixed replacements independently.  They are also motivated to develop the skills needed to perform research and device innovative treatment strategies for the benefit of the patients.