Public Health Dentistry


The Department of Public Health Dentistry today stands at the crossroads of time with a very innovative future ahead. The department takes pride in being the only speciality in dentistry which forms the first level of contact with the community and works at a grass root level to address the oral health-related problems. We coordinate our work keeping in mind the principles of primary health care by conducting various dental camps. The services are provided irrespective of any differentiation with the community participation and various sectors involved in the same.

True to its name the department, additionally works to utilize the available resources through working in collaborations like AYUSH and directs its efforts towards screening programs and surveys to get  a right grasp of the current oral health issues so that proactive measures can be taken at an interdisciplinary level and a direction can be given for future research.

Department Goal

A vision of society with zero oral health-related problems.

Department Objective

Provide the best oral health care by bringing oral health services right to their door.


The department follows a strict academic curriculum but also encourages any innovative ideas which directly or indirectly help the department to grow in multiple dimensions. The department effectively trains its undergraduate students and more attention is given towards the present burden of oral diseases in the society. The department also in collaboration with the Tumor Board clinic conducts weekly once door to door screening in a rural population of Pondicherry. The undergraduate students are also given a chance to be a part of the team. Apart from the regular academic activities, the students have to complete and submit one dental health aid to the department. Some of the modern and innovative methods of teaching are followed in this department includes

  • Student-centred teaching
  • Open book test
  • Self-assessment
  • Project and research works
  • Problem-based learning
  • Web-based learning
  • Practical based training

The students are the citizens of tomorrow. Efforts are also directed towards sensitizing the students about the present scenario related to oral health among the population. The students are trained in a new concept of Problem based learning where they are made to think about the steps they can take in the future.

The Internship Training program in the department is given priority. Some of the salient features of the internship training program in the department are

  • Undergraduate research
  • Family oral health planning in the urban and rural area
  • Comprehensive oral health planning and treatment
  • Training of interns in basic life support by posting them in medical causality

 The department is at the forefront of public programs and undergraduate teaching. Every day is a new day in this department where we try to innovate all our procedures.