Clinical correlation of Periodontal status of Mothers who delivered Preterm Low Birth Weight Babies – A Descriptive Study

Preterm low birth weight deliveries remain the leading cause of neonatal mortality and morbidity. Studies have proven that infections from the oral cavity can reach the amniotic fluid due to bacteraemia and predispose the patient to risk of pre-term labour. Regular screening and monitoring of pregnant patients is mandatory to reduce risks of preterm deliveries. Thus a descriptive study was designed to assess the periodontal status of mothers who delivered Preterm low birth weight infants in and around Puducherry.

A total of 200 postpartum women aged 18-34 years were included in this study. All the subjects who satisfied inclusion and exclusion criteria received a full mouth periodontal examination using periodontal screening and recording system to assess the periodontal diseases status of the subjects. The final data were statistically analyzed for descriptive statistics of the subjects.

Assessment of the periodontal status of the subjects showed 173 subjects (86.5%) belonged to gingivitis group, 19 subjects (9.5%) belonged to localized Periodontitis group and 8 subjects (4%) belonged to generalized periodontitis group.

To conclude, prevalence of gingivitis (86.5%) was more compared to localized (9.5%) and generalized (4%) forms of periodontitis among preterm low birth weight delivered mothers.